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These are interviews that I feel are still relevant, but got lost in the shuffle over Around The Block’s online history. They were both recorded around February of this year.

The first is with Bob Brocklebank, a community leader, spokesperson for Our Ottawa, and candidate for Council in Capital Ward. In this interview I was joined by guest co-host and technical coordinator Ben Myers (@benkmyers).

The second is an interview with Edward Ocampo-Gooding, a software developer in Ottawa, a major supporter of open data in the Capital, and an all-around great guy.

Rob Brocklebank by TravisBoisvenue

Edward Ocampo-Gooding by TravisBoisvenue


August 20, 2010 — The Record Shaap

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Matty McGovern has worked at more failed record stores in Ottawa than you can name, but that hasn’t stopped him from coming back for more.

Matt recently opened his first self-owned store, The Record Shaap, on Gilmore and Elgin. He stopped by the show to talk about the record buying community in Ottawa, what it takes to stay alive selling records, and french metalheads.

Matty Mcgovern by TravisBoisvenue

July 31, 2010 — Making Ottawa more awesome

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Cate Huston is the founder of Awesome Ottawa. The Awesome foundation presents $1,000 grants to anything they deem awesome in the Capital.

Cate has been involved with Women In Science And Engineering, is working at IBM in Extreme Blue, and is a trained ski instructor. I can’t imagine anyone more qualified to determine awesomeness.

She was nice enough to join me at the MediaStyle studio to record an interview for the show.

Cate Huston by TravisBoisvenue

Planning Mid-Centretown

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Eric Turcotte is an urban designer with Urban Strategies Inc. and is the project coordinator and lead for the Mid-Centretown Community Design Plan. Turcotte discussed the need to include the community in a design plan, as well as the major factors plaguing urban intensification in Ottawa.

Eric Turcotte by TravisBoisvenue

How can hens improve the urban lifestyle?

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Jacqueline Jolliffe is a representative for CLUCK Ottawa, an organization that works to change by-laws that keep pet owners from raising hens in urban areas.

Joliffe dispelled myths about raising hens, and made a compelling argument for keeping our food closer to home.

Jacqueline Jolliffe by TravisBoisvenue

Food blogging in Ottawa

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I had the opportunity to sit down with the delightful Don and Jenn of Foodie Prints, one of Ottawa’s best food blogs.

We discuss the active food blogging community in Ottawa, food and health education, and the hidden gems of Ottawa restaurants.

Foodie Prints by TravisBoisvenue

January 15, 2010 — A chat with Alex Cullen

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This week I was joined by guest co-host Peter Henderson, host of CHUO’s Audio/Visual (which you can find streaming over at Apt613).

We interviewed Bay Ward Councillor and Mayoral candidate Alex Cullen over the phone about his his platform, his experience as councillor, and the major issues in Sandy Hill.

Part 1 — [Download]

Part 2 — [Download]

Part 3 — [Download]

January 8, 2010 — Cuts to the Canadian Council on Learning

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Featured interview:

  • Niki Ashton: NDP MP and critic for post-secondary education, youth, and literacy — [Download] [iTunes]

Only about two hours after the Canadian Council on Learning announced that its federal funding would not be renewed after this coming March, we spoke to the NDP’s Niki Ashton about the news.

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November 13, 2009 — We talked about social media

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Featured interview:

[Download] [iTunes]

For some reason, I decided to put together a show that talked about the importance of social media. Of course, about a million people are probably talking about this at this very moment. It’s not a groundbreaking topic of conversation.

But as unoriginal as it might be, this angle in particular was one worth talking about. Jackie Bonisteel of STAND Canada and Laura Read of the Sierra Youth Coalition joined me in studio and spoke about the importance of social media to their work. We start by defining social media and go from there. Please do listen and enjoy.

October 30, 2009 — A Sandy Hill Affair

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Featured interviews:

Today’s show was a Sandy Hill affair. Action Sandy Hill vice-president Joshua Zanin discussed some of the issues that arose during the most recent meeting of that organization’s board of directors (on Oct. 26). During the second half of the show, we spoke with Julie Ann Levett of All Saints’ Sandy Hill. She helps coordinate a monthly “open table” supper that is co-organized by several area churches.

Please do listen to the interviews for more.