June 26, 2009 – Ayoub’s and Fringe

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Featured interviews:

  • Jane Waterston: editor of Sandy Hill community newspaper Image [Download] [iTunes]
  • Jean Pierre Bonhomme Legault: Ottawa-based actor who performs as himself in Ottawa Fringe’s Duel [Download] [iTunes]
  • Dave Atkinson: Ottawa-based actor and stand-up comic who plays Jean Pierre Bonhomme Legault in Ottawa Fringe’s Duel [Download] [iTunes]

This week, the show touched on some news and, for the first time, delved into what local enthusiasts like to call ‘arts and culture’. Hear about a tragedy that brought a community together and a show called Duel at Ottawa Fringe.


June 19, 2009 – A Momentous Occasion

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Featured interviews:

  • Jonathan Rausseo: sustainability coordinator at the University of Ottawa – [Download] [iTunes]

This was a big day for Around the Block. It was something of a review show, so we followed up on some issues from past shows — cycling, the Lennikov saga, and pedestrian bridges.

But it was also momentous, because the show’s first-ever repeat guest, well, repeated as a guest. Jonathan Rausseo spoke with me about how the university is trying to make cycling safer for those in the university community who love riding bicycles.

June 12, 2009 – Community Service Learning

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Featured interviews:

  • Alex Munter: executive director of Ottawa’s Youth Services Bureau — [Download] [iTunes]
  • Jeffrey Keshen: chair of the University of Ottawa’s history department and one of the people behind the school’s Experiential Learning Service — [Download] [iTunes]
  • Peter Cleary: political science student — [Download] [iTunes]

Belated update: Finally, the Cleary interview is online. The sound quality is a bit below this show’s standards, but it’s hard to help that over the phone. What makes up for the sound is the content. Peter’s a bright guy, as are Alex and Jeff. Please do enjoy these forays into community service learning.

June 5, 2009 – a cycling summit and a talk about crime prevention

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Featured interviews:

Today we spoke with Ottawa Centre NDP MP Paul Dewar about a cycling summit (video here) that he held at St. Giles church in the Glebe on May 30. It’s an interesting example of a federal politician talking about local — or even hyperlocal, as we like to say — issues that affect people as soon as they leave their doorsteps.

During the second half of the show, we spoke with U of O prof and world-renowned victims’ rights advocate Irvin Waller about his latest work on crime prevention. It’s a report entitled Making Cities Safer: Action Briefs for Municipal Stakeholders. It’s not quite hyperlocal in its focus, but the interview still covers some pretty important issues.

Thanks as usual to everyone who contributed to the show this week.