September 11, 2009 — An age cap reversed

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Featured interviews:

Today on the show, we spoke with Ted Horton about the efforts that Ottawa’s student community made to lobby city councillors to remove the age limit that was slapped on student bus passes on July 1. Only a couple of days after council ended up both reconsidering anf then repealing the measure on Sept. 9 (with unanimous support), Ted came on the show and talked about how it all went down.

We also talked to Fiona Sant, the organizer of the inaugural Sandy Hill community garage sale. Although she refused to be as brash and arrogant as I would have hoped, we talk about how the garage sale will measure up against its formidable opponent in the Glebe.


July 17, 2009 — Navigating Ottawa’s advisory committees

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Featured guests:

Today, we discussed issues surrounding the advisory committees that, just as it sounds, advise various council committees on a number of different matters. There are 15 committees in all — listed here — and today we spoke about:

  • the Arts, Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee with John Reid,
  • the Pedestrian and Transit Advisory Committee with Seamus Wolfe, and
  • the potential for a Youth Advisory Committee with Amy Kishek

John has been involved with his committee for a number of years, rising from member to vice-chair and eventually chair. Seamus made a presentation on behalf of his student constituents to the Pedestrian and Transit folks last night. And Amy was involved in the birth of a Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee in her hometown of Windsor, though she moved away before she had a chance to sit as a member.

I hope you enjoy the interviews. As usual, thanks to everyone who contributed this week.