June 19, 2009 – A Momentous Occasion

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Featured interviews:

  • Jonathan Rausseo: sustainability coordinator at the University of Ottawa – [Download] [iTunes]

This was a big day for Around the Block. It was something of a review show, so we followed up on some issues from past shows — cycling, the Lennikov saga, and pedestrian bridges.

But it was also momentous, because the show’s first-ever repeat guest, well, repeated as a guest. Jonathan Rausseo spoke with me about how the university is trying to make cycling safer for those in the university community who love riding bicycles.


May 1, 2009 – Sustainable transit and the University of Ottawa

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We gave Around the Block a test-run of sorts on May 1. It was an opportunity to get used to the mic and everything else that comes along with hosting a radio show.

During the second half of the hour, University of Ottawa sustainability coordinator Jonathan Rausseo joined me in studio. We talked about his job, his priorities, and exactly what he thinks about the prospect of a light-rail tunnel running along the west side of campus.

Also, we played a whole ton of Joel Plaskett’s Three. Well, three songs, anyway. How fitting.