May 22, 2009 – Making King Edward a safer and more livable street

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Featured interviews:

Tune in to the interview with councillor Bédard to witness me confuse levels of government in spectacular fashion. I must say, reporting on some of these issues can be quite challenging, and unique compared to other municipalities. No matter how much you read, research, and generally prepare for discussions about Ottawa civic issues, there is always a way to screw up jurisdictional responsibilities.

Today, Bédard and I were talking about bridge options to reduce pressure on King Edward Avenue as an arterial route through Ottawa, and I mistakenly suggested that city council was examining options for a new bridge at either Kettle Island or the Duck islands east of the core. Of course, it’s the National Capital Commission — not council — that is currently studying options concerning these bridges.

Anyways, enjoy the show.

If you like discussions about tunnels, listen to Derek’s interview.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week.