Posted in Uncategorized by nicktaylorvaisey on July 7, 2009

Something has come up. There is controversy brewing. The players in this virtual theatre: Ryan Hill of Apartment613 and Jonathan Rausseo of the University of Ottawa. It’s dramatic. More after the jump.

Okay, so maybe there is no controversy. But if I don’t clear the air now, there might soon be blood spilled.

So let’s clear the air.

Ryan Hill has arguably been featured on Around the Block three times — twice prerecorded and once in studio. When I said that Jon was the show’s first three-time guest, I was arguably speaking in error. Both guests appeared on the most recent show, which was the third for both of them.

The issue:

  • Jon arrived at the studio before Ryan.
  • Ryan appeared on-air before Jon.

Complicating matters:

So, who was the first three-time guest on Around the Block? Has there even been one? You be the judge.

For the record, every guest who appears on four shows receives a free donut.


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