WEB EXCLUSIVE: Looking back at #cco09

Posted in Uncategorized by nicktaylorvaisey on May 22, 2009

ChangeCamp Ottawa happened on May 16. We covered it on the May 8 show when we looked ahead to the event by interviewing Ryan Hill of local blog Apartment613 and event co-coordinator Morgen Peers.

Along with dozens of other participants, Ryan and I both attended the festivities. I was an observer and note-taker who was eager to listen to what web-engaged citizens had to say, and Ryan headed the team of exuberant Apartment613 bloggers who expended all kinds of energy capturing the ideas and general happenings of the day.

Yesterday, we sat down at City Hall — the location of the un-conference — and reflected a bit on what went on and how to move forward with all of the ideas and energy produced.

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    […] appeared on a web exclusive on May […]

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